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Nai Harn Villa

he houses and apartments are designed for daily and monthly rental and is located in a quiet atmosphere of Nai Harn beach. The beach of Nai Harn is located about 1 KM, is the lake in the immediate vicinity, is perfect for jogging to sm tomorrow or in the evening. Since several recent transactions are within walking distance, such as Restaurants, small shops, breakfast restaurants, bakeries, Pitzarrieer We think that it is for 6 people found the hervorragent is suitable.   


House A big House ( 3 bedrooms )

Haus A

House B big House ( 3 bedrooms )

Haus B

House C small House ( 2 Bedrooms )

keines Haus mit 2 Schlagzimmer

Apartment ( Studio )

Apartment Nai Harn Villa an Nai Harn Strand

Property description:

Each house is equipped with aircon i

a 1 bedroom apartment with living-kitchen-bedroom, cable TV, aircon, telephone and internet

Nai Harn Villa Karte

The basic equipment includes:


large refrigerator

TV with DVD Player

tasteful furnishings


Balcony with seating

Internet access

Daily Housekeeping

Change of towels

From Phuket airport to be picked up at the request of us.For the transfer we calculate 80 - Euro (6 persons)  for 2 Person 40 Euro

Preise  01.11 - 20.04
  day price months price years price
A 3 bedrooms        6 Persons 195 Euro 3.860 Euro of ask
B 3 bedrooms        6 Persons 195 Euro 3.860 Euro of ask
C 2 bedrooms        4 Persons 180 Euro   of ask
Großes Apartment 2 Persons 115 Euro 2.360 Euro of ask
keines Apartment  2 Persons 110 Euro 2.105 Euro of ask

Preis  21.04. - 31.10
day price moths price years price
A 3 bedrooms        6 Persons 115 Euro 3.860 Euro auf Anftrage
B 3 bedrooms        6 Persons 115 Euro 3.860 Euro auf Anfrage
C 2 bedrooms        4 Persons    90 Euro   auf Anfrage
Großes Apartment 2 Persons    70 Euro 2.360 Euro auf Anfrage
keines Apartment  2 Persons 65 Euro 2.105 Euro Auf Anfrage


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