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This plant is unique, secured the high standards maintained alive in this unique facility. The cottages are comfortably furnished and give you a positive feeling. Some of the houses are on Chalong beach or to a pond with some wild animals such as ducks, geese and swans. The plant is abundant greenery with palm trees, so you get the Thai flyer in your vacation and feel.
In Fisherman there is a large pool, a Trambolin and enjoy plenty of space to peaceful walks in the plant or on the beach can be too. Not far from the Chalon-bay are dozens of restaurants offering dishes for every conceivable taste. German food on the menu, French cuisine, Spanish tapas, fresh seafood, fish, shrimp, squid, pizza, pasta, cakes, etc.
specifically for you, and very important, the prices are only about one third of the restaurants in Europe / America, etc. You can feel like in paradise. Sleeping in your house, not a problem since the unit is very quiet, so you can relax. You've always wanted to be pampered and enjoy a Thai massage or an herbal sauna, then you are exactly right on Phuket. Day trip or scuba diving is no problem is all in your area. Come and indulge yourself in this plant.

  House with 1 bedroom: Price Annual rent per month 350 - 580 Euro




House with 2 Bedrooms: Price per annual Moant 580 - 810 Euro



House with 3 Bedrooms: Price per annual Moant 810 - 1395 Euro


The basic equipment includes:
large refrigerator
tasteful furnishings
Terrace with seating


From Phuket airport to be picked up at the request of us.
For the transfer, we charge 40 - €.


Price per day



  1 Bedroom 2 Bedrooms 3 Bedrooms
1 Weeks 80 Euro 103 Euro   150 Euro
2 Weeks 78 Euro 101 Euro   148 Euro
3 Weeks 76 Euro   99 Euro   145 Euro
4 Weeks  68 Euro    96 Euro   141 Euro
5 Weeks 66 Euro    90 Euro   136 Euro
6 Weeks 64 Euro    87 Euro   134 Euro
Maid service 9 Euro    12 Euro     14 Euro



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